A git tracked collection of thoughts, moments, inspiration.

Fair warning: these get personal.


September 2018
21 i went home months ago, home is memory
May 2018
21 i will thrive
April 2018
17 i am made of stuff
January 2018
1 i drank an entire bottle of champagne by myself
26 things i see in the dark
December 2017
2 update epiphinies, update misc
October 2017
2 i bask in warmth
September 2017
4 i visit the waster transfer station for the first time
August 2017
14 i'm learning there is always more
July 2017
24 update #miscellaneous, #epiphanies, #hearteyes
June 2017
19 i am not a water sign but maybe i am
May 2017
8 i dont understand how brains work
April 2017
2 update: miscellaneous (be specific), epiphanies (be grateful)
12 i like conversations with lyft drivers
March 2017
2 i took a three hour self-defense workshop and keep thinking about energy and direction
14 i think too much
18 update #hearteyes: buzzfeed's weekly selfcare suggestions
February 2017
24 i went to san francisco and all i got was this desire to travel more, create more, learn more, be more
26 update #hearteyes: bruce lee has such cool handwriting